How do you think others see you?
I think that some see me more as cute — excitable, happy, maybe slightly childish. I think some may see me as a sort of safe place, and the flipside is they can maybe see me as a tool. I think some who have seen me for longer or had conversations think I’m serious, because I’m very thoughtful and contemplative. I’m not sure how many reconcile the two.

How do you see yourself?
In progress, and almost where I want to be to start affecting the world the best way I can. I see myself as a loving being, working on scrubbing off all the non-loving aspects.

How do you want to be seen?
Forward-moving, passionately feminine woman, however that manifests for the occasion, but always loving and rational. Able to connect with the love inside of people and help them bring it out, free of falling prey to their emotional manipulations, and helping them not fall prey to their own as well.