How do you think others see you?
Such a complex question. My daughters may see me as opinionated though knowing my opinions are meant well. I think my grandchildren see me as their Mimi, a grown up figure in their life who loves to hug them and spend time with them, also who likes to give them gifts.

I think people who either don’t know me, or have just met me may see me as reserved, a bit mysterious, and maybe even as someone who likes fashion.

How do you see yourself?
First, as a mom and grandmother. Also, I see myself as a woman who is creative, and loves travel and adventures. A bit of a late bloomer, as I am continuing to expand my world, and myself personally as I grow older, like being a part of this New Republic project. I see myself as sometime getting too comfortable and needing to push myself to have new experiences more often.

How do you want to be seen?
I want to be seen as someone who knows what she wants and goes for it. Who is seen as being very alive, and you can talk to me about anything. As a loyal and fun girl, living life to the fullest.