How do you think others see you?
I think some people see me as either a hippie or a risk taker — for riding a bike in all conditions, not owning a car and making decisions last-minute or without much planning. People see me as being outgoing and cheerful. I think people in my neighborhood sometimes see me as a person from privilege who does not have to work hard, or has not worked hard, or understands the value of working hard.

How do you see yourself?
I see myself as someone who is adventurous, who often choses a more difficult path in order to challenge myself, and likes to experience new places or people at moments that go under the radar. I see myself as a pioneer of sorts, being outspoken and fiery with my opinion, and stubborn in my beliefs. I see myself as being flaky at times as commitment scares me.

How do you want to be seen?
I want to be seen as a community leader that is easy to approach, well liked, positive and caring towards people and their passions. I want to be seen as someone who leads an intentional life and makes choices that have positive effects for everyone.